Generating LaTeX with Jade

I've developed a simple back-end to OpenJade, the open-source fork of James Clark's free DSSSL processor, Jade, which assists in generating arbitrary LaTeX from SGML. This is a different approach from the TeX back-end distributed with Jade, which directly implements the DSSSL style language, but requires a special version of TeX.

The modifications are distributed as a patch to OpenJade 1.3.2, openjade-1-3-2-starlink-2.patch.

Though this works for me and for others, I have had a report that this LaTeX back-end interferes with the standard TeX back-end in some as-yet unclear circumstances. Please be alert to this, and if you can reproduce this, please let me know.

This is currently (November 2005) a submitted patch to the OpenJade patch tracker, and has been for about a year...

Applying the patch

To apply the patch, unpack the distribution version of OpenJade-1.3.2 (obtainable from the OpenJade home page). Unpack this.

Sitting in the directory containing the openjade-1.3.2 code (that is, containing the file VERSION), apply the patch as follows

% patch -p3 < openjade-1-3-2-starlink-2.patch 
You should now be able to build the modified version of OpenJade by typing
% ./configure --enable-latex
% make
You can remake the configure script if you wish with (cd config; autoconf); mv config/configure .

The version number reported by openjade -v is changed to OpenJade version "1.3.2-starlink-2".

For documentation, see the file jadedoc/latex.htm in the distribution.

The modifications are copyright Norman Gray, 2000, and the patch is distributed under the terms of the GPL. This patch includes bug-fixes from Peter Backes.

Any bugs in the back-end should obviously be reported to me, rather than James Clark or the OpenJade team.

Have fun.

Norman Gray
2004 April 25