Minutes DTD

Version 0.10a, 2002 May 09

This is a reasonably simple, but perfectly functional, DTD for meeting minutes, plus an associated DSSSL stylesheet.

The stylesheet is structured around agenda items, which have corresponding discussions and actions, and copes with actions carried over from previous meetings.

The stylesheet which transforms to HTML (minutes.dsl#html) uses the extensions to the DSSSL style language, implemented in James Clark's Jade DSSSL processor, which allow the style language to be used for transformations.

There is a print version of the stylesheet (minutes.dsl#print) -- it's functional, but not flashy, and maintained less carefully than the HTML version. There's also a transformation to LaTeX (minutes.dsl#latex), but that requires a patched version of Jade, and so is probably of less general interest.

The software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.


Available as a gzipped tar file: minutes-0.10a.tar.gz.


Documentation is by example, by looking at the DTD, and following the samples in min1.sgml and min2.sgml. These two source files produce results as follows: meeting 1 and meeting 2. They link to RTF files.

Look at the distributed Makefile for suitable invocations of Jade.

Bug reports and other comments gladly accepted!

2002 May 09