Racket and librdf

racket-librdf is a Racket extension which wraps the Redland RDF library, librdf.

This is beta software, version 0.4. Don't rely on anything. The extension should be quite robust, but the interface is liable to change, and the documentation is rather thin. Comments on any aspect of the extension, documentation and distribution would be most welcome.

This webpage is http://purl.org/nxg/dist/racket-librdf, and to cite this distribution you should quote this URL rather than the URL it redirects to.

The Redland RDF library at librdf.org is an excellent C library for parsing, serialising and manipulating RDF data. The racket-librdf library wraps this into a Racket extension.

See the documentation, and download the distribution tarball. The source is at code.nxg.name (clone: https://code.nxg.name/nxg/racket-librdf, files, history, tags).

See the build notes in the README.md within the distribution. The distribution should be portable, but I haven't had occasion to try building it on any plaform other than OS X. Comments and suggestions would (of course) be very welcome.

I've been working with raptor-1.4.21 and raptor-2.2. I expect that the extension will work with other versions nearby this. I know that it works with Racket 5.0.2 and 5.1.3, but it shouldn't be sensitive to Racket versions.


0.4, 2011 November 25
Support raptor 2. Some refactoring of code-generation code. More tests.
0.3, 2011 January 26
Assorted bugfixes. Functionality changes to new-url/* family.
0.2, 2010 September 14
Functionality and bugfixes: add function uri-namespace-mappings. include documentation for accidentally undocumented functions. added missing GC bookkeeping code.
2011 November 25