Handles the interaction with the GPG program.


Interface Summary
GPGConnection.Result<T> Represents the result of an interaction with GPG

Class Summary
GPGConnection Manages a connection to a GPG executable.
GPGInformation Manage the status information returned by GPG.
GPGSigner Handles the signing of files
GPGVerifier Verifies signatures

Enum Summary
GPGInformation.Action Indicates the various actions that the GPG processor can perform
GPGInformation.KeyStatus Indicates the various status that a key can have.
GPGInformation.Validity Indicates different levels of GPG signature validity.

Exception Summary

Package Description

Handles the interaction with the GPG program.

The GPG signing and verification actions are performed by a copy of the GPG binary running in a subprocess. Classes which connect to this binary have to be told where to look for keys. This can be done either via the GNUPGHOME environment variable, or by giving the home directory as an argument to a constructor.

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