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3.1. HyTime and Architectural Forms

*ISO/IET 10744:1997 - The HyTime standard (second edition) (*HTML).

The standard is relatively easy to read (for a standard), but the *reader's guide is a useful companion. See also the *table of contents, the *definitions, Clause 8 *Hyperlinks Module, and possibly the *machine-readable materials area.


The SGML Users' Group distributes various supplementary materials, including *machine-readable materials, *tools and *papers.
The HyTime editors:
*Charles Goldfarb, Information Management Consulting; *Steven R. Newcomb, *TechnoTeacher Inc.; *W. Eliot Kimber, ISOGEN International Corp.; Peter J. Newcomb, *TechnoTeacher Inc..

About HyTime: introductions and overviews.

Groves are a central concept, albeit rather difficult. There are several exellent discussions of groves in the appropriate SIL *special topics section. Here is a selection.

Support for HyTime in tools, and other supporting applications.

Norman Gray
21 July 1998