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The JISC funded AGAST project was a collaboration between the NeSC at Glasgow and the University of Leicester. It ran from May 2008 to April 2009. Its focus was to investigate the extent to which semantic technologies provide a flexible mechanism for easily-delegated access control. We described a number of challenging and realistic use-cases, drawn from the a variety of projects at NeSC and through development of a variety of demonstrators show the pros and cons that semantic based technologies have over other authorisation technologies in use in the Grid domain today. These demonstrators are taken from the domains of astrophysics, clinical sciences, bioinformatics, electronics and the social sciences.

The project URL is Please use this URL, rather than the URL it resolves to, when referring to the AGAST project.

For more information on AGAST please contact Richard Sinnott or Norman Gray.


[sinnott09] Richard O Sinnott, Thomas Doherty, Norman Gray, and Jeff Lusted.
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