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2.3. Which editor?

There is a good variety of SGML editors, and they all do more-or-less the same thing in terms of creating documents, but they vary considerably in how they support you by helping you visualise your document. You have considerable flexibility about which editor you choose, and I believe there is little to stop you choosing a different editor from all of your colleagues.

Well known editors include *ADEPT.Editor from ArborText, FrameMaker+SGML (tightly integrated with the rest of the FM+SGML system) from Adobe, *Author/Editor from SoftQuad.

Take a good look through the *Editors section of the Whirlwind Guide, and try to play with a demo version of a few editors before choosing the one which suits you best.

The only free editor I know of is psgml-mode, but this is for Emacs users only. This works for me, but buying a proper SGML editor is the first thing I advise you to spend money on.
Norman Gray
21 July 1998